Christmas Shoot: Dalby 500 Yards

The club gathered for the annual Xmas Shoot with Friends and Family for a fun shoot in the morning. The more serious of the lot topped off with a 15 shot match after lunch to cap off another shooting year without a home range.

The withering conditions at Dalby never fails to disappoint, this being more of a character building exercise if one can’t pick the wind changes as it happens and has wreaked the usual havoc with scores. Fullbore shot for the Captains Trophy and after a tie on both handicap and V-Bulls, was taken by T.Pearce on count back and won with a consistent finish from the runner up. F-Standard shot for the G.Thompson Trophy and was taken convincingly by L.Pedersen.

Off-rifle scores for Target Rifle were T.Pearce 71.6 S.Kao 69.6 C.Schramm 68.3. F-Standard scores were L.Pedersen 84.4 D.Matthews 80.4 G.Thompson 79.1 R.Wardrop 77.1 D.Rodney 75.2 A.Schramm 65.1.

The Calendar for the new shooting year is to be determined with our first club shoot to commence sometime in mid-January. Until then the Darling Downs Rifle Club wishes all members, family and friends near and far a safe holiday season and we are looking forward to putting more shots down range. Hup The Downs!

New! Club calendar 2018

The Darling Downs Rifle club is looking renewed for a 2018 start.  The new calendar is now available and Dalby would be the main range during the 1st and 3rd weekends of each month for trophy shoots. This year we are including Practical Rifle into the mornings of these shoots so it will get exciting. Visitors are always welcome!